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mfm - Metal Forming Machines, Inc.
is a California Corporation with a consolidated interest in several companies specializing in the market for chipless metal forming.


mfm is a world leader in the production and marketing of spinforming machines which are used for a wide variety of metal forming processes and applications, including the following:

bullet Aluminum and steel car and truck wheels
bullet Industrial cylinders
bullet Transmission parts with internal and external teeth and splines
bullet V-belt and poly-V pulleys
bullet Automobile air conditioners and shock absorber components


mfm and predecessor companies have a long history in providing spinforming machines for the industry.

Metal Forming Machines, Inc. was founded in November of 1994 by Helmut Korte and other former employees of Autospin, Inc., a former world leader in the development of CNC controlled metal spinning machines.

Helmut Korte started Autospin in Los Angeles in 1971. Autospin and their affiliated and successor companies were responsible for many of the leading edge developments in the area of CNC controlled chipless metal forming technology. The pioneering efforts by Autospin and its successor companies have resulted in the design, manufacture and installation of over three hundred machines worldwide.



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